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As a Sage developer company, we have designed Blindata to integrate fully with Sage Line 50. This link is carried out using Sage Data Objects (SDO).

The following integration takes place between Blindata and Sage Line 50:

Customers and suppliers are synchronised between both systems. This means that new entries only have to be made in one system.

When sales orders are taken in Blindata, credit limits can be checked in Sage. The software will calculate the total of outstanding orders and the outstanding sales ledger balance and compare this against the credit limit, and, if necessary, place the order on hold.

If purchase orders are being generated automatically from sales orders, Blindata can update these purchase orders once they are delivered, create purchase invoices and then post these directly into Sage.

Sales invoices can be updated automatically to Sage. There are two different methods of doing this. Firstly, the entire invoice can be updated as an invoice into Sage, enabling the software to use the next Sage invoice number. This will then mean that the invoices are printed in Sage. As an alternative to this, the invoice is generated and printed in Blindata, and then posted to Sage. This will update sales balances and all nominal transactions. This can be done on an individual invoice or batch posting basis.

Receipts can be updated automatically to Sage for retail sales. These receipts can also be allocated directly to sales invoices in Sage, which will save an enormous amount of time. It is therefore possible to have the following scenario: a sales order is entered in Blindata and a deposit is entered. This deposit is then posted automatically to Sage as a payment on account. The blinds are then delivered or fitted and an invoice is issued. This invoice is then posted to Sage and automatically the deposit is allocated to this invoice. When the balance for the order is received, it is entered in Blindata and posted to Sage automatically. It is then also allocated immediately to the correct sales invoice.

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